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» Your Life so far!
3/25/2011, 4:43 pm by Damkun

» Snow's game forum :D
12/22/2010, 4:04 pm by Morphine

» First Letter; Last Letter.
12/22/2010, 3:54 pm by Damkun

» Looks like everyone's busy.
10/22/2010, 2:28 pm by Nemster

» Why I am Gigante's Bff
10/6/2010, 9:21 am by Kiwitime

» Random funny conversations
9/23/2010, 2:40 pm by Kiwitime

» Guild members event, title ideas
9/19/2010, 10:36 pm by Snoweffect

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9/8/2010, 6:17 am by Kiwitime

» Davidm's Inventory
9/8/2010, 12:27 am by Julieee

Your Life so far!

2/23/2011, 6:27 pm by Nemster

Since everyone is busy with things and rarely see each other (unless you're ingame or w/e) I wanna have a sort of public journal of your day here!

What I mean is, whenever you log on here for curiosity, since I see people come in here but no new posts are made, I want you to make an update of what you've been doing! How is life? How's school! Did you make dean's list or honor roll? Did you …

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First Letter; Last Letter.

7/31/2010, 8:28 am by Nemster

Soooo, it goes like this: I start with Apple, then the next person will start their word with the last letter of mine... so Elephant.


Let's start! Rocket!

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Looks like everyone's busy.

9/22/2010, 6:40 am by Bear

With Cathy, Kak, Dave and others out of commission because of study/work related things. It looks like for those who are left in mabi will be seeing a quiet guild chat for awhile.

I guess those hardcore addicts like Tammie and Dreams folk will get even more ahead of us aye? oh well who cares, we still rock =P

Just wanted to wish you all who are busy with life, all the best with whatever it is …

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Guild members event, title ideas

9/9/2010, 4:58 pm by Kiwitime

Dam just brought to my attention this neat event, so I'm going to get service and set up stone some time soon. Any title ideas?

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Hi Quoc!

8/26/2010, 7:30 pm by Nemster

So, who are you? o -o

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Why does Kakashi7 hate himself

8/18/2010, 12:24 am by Kakashi7

Why o why does Kakashi7 hate himself please list the reasons Very Happy

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Things you should but probably don't know about Mabi

8/17/2010, 6:03 pm by Davidm

You can store one item on a pet without it taking any space. Log into your pet, pick up one item, and log out without putting the item back into the inventory. If you pick up a pet revival kit, your pet can still use it. If you pick up a check, your pet will still have "the Money in the Bank " title.

When you have over 50% health, and you get hit for over that 50% damage, you will …

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jin is lame

7/25/2010, 12:36 pm by Kakashi7

If I ever post something weird, it's jin's fault. Ho went on ahead and made an account named kakashi7 while I was sleeping! Evil or Very Mad

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Commando Squad

7/28/2010, 1:22 am by Surlytime

I don't know the difference between Random and here.

It is a zombie apocalypse! Which three TWpride members are your zombie survival crew with you, and what do you arm them with?

1) Jin: Handgun. His hunger will let him find us any edible food in a ten mile radius!

2) Kakashi7: Rifle. He is dedicated and intelligent, so will be good to have in an emergency! But he might get too depressed from …

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